Everyone loves to go on holidays and discover new horizons. The different ways to book your holidays have evolved since the development of the Internet and digital transformation management. Nowadays, travel agencies aren’t your only option.


The traditional travel agency

 Travel agencies
Travel agencies

Before the development of the internet, people went to travel agencies to book their stay. These agencies allowed people to discover new destinations. From everyone’s desires, the travel agencies could determine the best destination for their customers. They simply had to go into an agency and choose with its members, the important criteria to meet their requirements: budget, activities, weather, regions, type of transport. Once all this information was collected, the agency composed the ideal “travel pack” and totally personalized it.

There are several advantages and disadvantages to this method.


The benefits:

– No time wasted in loading a destination that meets all our requirements.

– Someone who knows the market offers us several possibilities to meet our needs.

– Agencies may have special discounts for their partners.

– Travel agencies have a very complete and diversified database.

– The proposed services can be very customizable.

The disadvantages:

– Travel agencies work for income, the time spent on our request costs money that is added to the cost of the travel.

– Some travel agencies are partners with chains of hotels and encourage us to stay there even if it does not really meet our needs.


Traditional travel agencies are disappearing. We find less and less in the city because people are now turning to digital solutions.


Digital transformation management of travel

As a result of the digital transformation management ideas, many alternatives to traditional travel agencies are being developed. Today comparator sites specialized in the travel industry such as Trivago, have become unavoidable.

The principle is the same as in a travel agency, but here we directly indicate our criteria in the search bar. No need to go to an agency. You can create your own trip in a few clicks.

Digital travel agencies like Tripadvisor, a result of digital transformation management
Digital travel agencies like Tripadvisor

The comparators allow us to analyze in a specific area the prices of hotels, transport and even activities. The keyword of these sites is “savings”. In a context of economic crisis, people pay more attention to their budget and monitor their lower expenses. But there is no question for this people to cross the holidays and deprive themselves. Holidaymakers, therefore, seek to do the maximum for the minimum of expenses.

There are also many sites like Tripadvisor that allow users to rate and give their opinion on a place (hotels, restaurants, etc.) and to view all its users’ reviews. For touristic places, it creates a real war. In the same area, the one with the highest rating will necessarily increase its turnover.

There are several advantages and disadvantages to this digitalization of the travel market.

The benefits:

– Proposals of destinations by theme as in a traditional travel agency

– The opinions of other users allow you to know directly if a place will meet your needs

The disadvantages:

– A bad ranking on the sites of comparators can entail the disappearance of less known touristic places

– People are more easily influenced by the choices of other users and no longer try to travel atypical.


To conclude, we note that people are increasingly attracted to digital travel agencies. Creating your own dream vacation has become a game that everyone enjoys playing. Like everything about digital, it is also a question of generation, people over 50 are more likely to seek human contact and a consultant. Whether a trip is organized by traditional travel agencies or by digital devices, people still love the holidays, as much is certain.


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