Today digital transformation management is affecting more and more every department. It is clear, that it simplifies the life of everyone. Rental agencies are trying to bring more technology system that would simplify their work.

Virtual tours, a form of digital transformation management

Imagine renting an apartment without visiting it. It seems at first sight unthinkable and too risky. Yet, virtual visits through computers are more and more solicited. Saving time, and increasing revenue, for both the customer and the agent, this is an advantage. The principle is easy. The agent films the apartment at 360 degrees and at the end of the day he posts his visit on the website. He also transcribes all the details given by the owner. Subsequently, visitors of the site will be able to have a virtual tour of the apartment and may, according to their opinion, decided to rent it or not. This digital transformation management has allowed the development of the rental agencies sector by making them more modern and more efficient.

You can take this virtual 3D tour to understand why it is so great: 31 Cherry Street, New York

Technology helps all types of people

Rental agencies offering appartements, digital transformation management changes them
Appartement for rent

One of the main goals of many new businesses is to adapt their offers and services to the entire population. Mainly for disabled people, technology makes it easy for them to access different services. This allows them to be more independent. Having digital rental agencies would allow them to make their own virtual tour through their living room, without having to move. Also, for foreign students who want to rent a flat and do not want to pay a plane ticket to visit their future apartment. An online visit platform would make life easier for them. Last but not least, every businessman and woman who are constantly focused on their jobs and have difficulty to find time to search for a new apartment.


We definitely need a digital transformation management plan whether it is for rental agencies or any other company. If the world advances today it’s because of the constant and especially fast evolution of new technologies. Yet we could think that the digital transformation is leading us to a robotic world but we can’t deny the fact that our daily lives are easier than it was in the past.


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