Sports federations, whatever they are, have always gathered communities of passionate people. The development of new technologies has not spared this sector from digital transformation management. Especially the social networks, which by their community aspects correspond particularly well to the sporting world.

The Tour de France is a good example: in 1903, we read only the summaries of steps in the newspaper Auto, ancestor of the Team. In 1929, the radio was able to follow the runners and in 1948, the show “The Great Loop” allowed the spectators to interfere a little more in the competition by following the offensives of the riders live. Today, with the Internet, social networks and smartphones, there are no more barriers.


Digital transformation management of sports federations

The weight of sports federations is very important in the communication of sports. They strive to protect the values of the sport they represent. There are 92 uni-sport federations and 25 multisport federations in France and they are all taking part in the digital transformation management.

“The sports federations, constituted in the associative form, have for object the organization of one or more sport disciplines, of which they manage the practice, of the activity of hobbies to the sport of high level.” (Source:

Social networks are the source of sports information that is growing the most in France. According to the Nielsen Sports barometer, published in 2016, 40% of French people use social networks to access content about their favorite sports, teams, competitions or players. This represents a 13% increase since 2013.

We can see here the importance of social networks. The federations naturally rely on this trend to communicate around live sports events.


Digital communication of sports federations

Communication on social networks allows sports federations to achieve two main objectives:

  • Attract and retain licensees
  • Develop their income

Communication strategies on social networks differ according to the sports federations. Some of the most popular social networks are YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Instagram is not very well invested by the sports federations at the moment, but it should develop because this social network represents a large number of users and a great opportunity. So it is an important part of the digital transformation management of any business.

Social networks can attract new audiences while retaining their already acquired target, whether in practice or in sports consumption. Major sporting competitions are key moments for recruiting and social networks can animate federal communication throughout the year.

The editorial line is different depending on the social network used for content and broadcast periods.

Sports federations must, therefore, offer their fans attractive content, based on their expectations to generate the maximum commitment. A high engagement rate will turn into an opportunity to reach new audiences.


The communication strategy of sports federations

basketball sports federations now taking part in the digital transformation management mouvement
basketball sports federations


Sports federations must not only communicate on social networks. They must be present on the web with a showcase website to unite their fans. The goal is to create a real harmony between each social network used and the different platforms.

Showcase website, e-commerce site, social hub, ticket offices, privilege club … Some have understood the importance of digital transformation management in their strategy. This is the case of the French Football Federation¬†and the French Basketball Federation.


The digital center of a great sporting event is its website. It is through this platform that all the information and contents pass. Sports federations must update their website daily to satisfy Internet users looking for information and especially during periods of major competitions.

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