Five examples of the challenges of digital transformation management

The digital transformation indicates the process which consists, for an organization or a company, to integrate totally the digital technologies in all of their activities.

However, the digital transformation management upsets the everyday life of companies. While the confusion sometimes seems to reign within organizations, because of a lack of definition, digital continues to impact their functioning.

Now, we are going to focus on five definitions of digital transformation management. Each of these definitions brings a different vision and different elements of reflection.


An upheaval brought by the new technologies

The digital revolution caused by the development of the technologies considerably impacted the way we communicate (social networks, emails, smartphone, etc.) but also the way we consume (opinion on the Internet, recommendations, etc.). These changes upset our society that is why it seems important, for the companies, to take them into account.

However, digital transformation management is not always obvious in the companies.

Technologies for more performance

The use of the technologies is essential to improve fundamentally the performances of companies because the improvement of the performances and the productivity is a very important subject for companies.

A vision carried by the leaders

To invest in the digital and the new technologies (as social networks, web site or still the “big data“) are very good initiatives but what account it’s to have a good vision. This vision has to be carried by all the leaders of the company.


An improved customer experience

 The digital transformation is much more than a “history” of technology. It’s the “human history” which takes into account the whole customer journey and in particular through the digital.


The marketing pilots the change

Who has to pilot the digital transformation management in a company?

digital transformation management workers
digital transformation management workers

What is certain it’s that the marketing department and the commercial department play an important role in the process of integration of the new tools which will improve the customer relationship.


The digital transformation changes the everyday life of a company and the employees with the integration of the new technologies. New processes are created, new tools are introduced into the services etc. The individuals are in particular brought to evolve. The digital transformation management can take a lot of time to be set up.


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