20 years ago, who could imagine choosing clothes through a virtual platform? Nobody. But today with the evolution of technology, this way of shopping is becoming more and more popular. Choosing your glasses on the computer with the camera and a simulator became possible with the digital transformation management.

Online shopping

Shops decided to create platforms through their websites with simulators that are able to give you an image of what you would look wearing these clothes… You will not be a 100% sure of the quality and the design but the engineers try to do it as realistic as it can be. Well, the majority would question this technology.

digital transformation management of shopping
digital transformation management of shopping

Why can’t people just go directly to a shop and try on clothes? There are some people who would reply that they can’t move because they are disabled or they are ashamed of their bodies or they just don’t have enough time. Certainly, it clearly increases human laziness. Everything is done today for us not to move from our place. If the world continues like this, we will clearly get to an era where human will be useless. But the secret of the combination between technology and reality is to use it with moderation. We can’t ignore the fact that technology simplifies the life of the people who really need it. By that I mean disabled, sick, old, etc … Second of all, time goes by very quickly, so the digital transformation management helps us organize our life and our time.


Against digital transformation management on a daily bases

The reasons we gave in the first paragraph are true. But certainly, there will always be people who are against this idea of digital transformation management on a daily bases. Well, I could agree with this in a certain way. When we talk about disabled persons, who are not able to move from a place to another and must do everything from their house, we could, instead of digitalizing everything, create a special way for them to move and to be able to move independently. We can always find a way to combine simplicity and technology, but we should think twice about what’s really important and what must be done for the whole world.


To sum up, we are humans who can’t stop developing and creating innovating technologies. But we must be careful of the impact that our inventions have on the world. Digital transformation management is great but must be moderated.


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Yara Khaty

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