For several years, digital transformation management has burst into business life. This real change requires a rethinking of working methods and professional organization. In this context, managers are on “the front line” and must also adapt.

When we talk about digital transformation management, we too often think of it as simply modernizing the equipment and tools. However, the digital transformation management is based on the culture and the work methodologies that are developed and implemented in the company.

digital transformation management team


On the “front line” of these upheavals: the managers.

Indeed, they are at the heart of the digital transformation issues since the advent of digital technologies in marketing and communication. They must participate in the reinvention of economics models, organizational models and how to create and distribute value.

Nowadays, the managers of digital transformation management are considered as people who regulate, who put in contact and develop a climate of trust. The managers see their missions evolve with a strong social dimension.

Digital transformation management managers go from mission to mission and some managers, during their careers, have conducted many digital transformations.  A successful digital transformation is a quick transformation, involving good collaborators, experience and talents of multiple profiles, techniques adapted to the needs of the company with a very positive impact on the customers. So, for a successful digital transformation, the managers need to have some experience.


Challenges faced by managers during a digital transformation management

At the heart of the digital transformation management, the managers have to face three major challenges:

  • Embody the image of the transformation/change (the manager must prove to his teams the “added value” of digital),
  • Adapt to digital culture and the new processes it involves and follow trends,
  • Collaborate and cooperate.
digital transformation management
digital transformation management

It’s important to precise that in the digital transformation management, the manager has four main missions. First, he has to accompany his teams, boost them, then explain them the digital transformation. And finally, he has to keep the fundamentals of the company because organization transformation doesn’t mean that everything changes. Certain fundamentals must be maintained, and we can say that the managers are “the guardians” of values.


In conclusion, the manager has to be the source of the change and become the key to the transformation because his role is to impel the transformation.


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