Have you ever fixed your eyes on a map, trying to find your way, but never understanding how to? Or, stroll randomly in unknown streets searching for the rare pearl. If classical tourism scares you and does not suit you, the digital transformation management may be the solution for you.

Some cities have chosen to change the point of view of their tourists. Do you ever thought about getting a panorama view, discover the monuments and tourist areas in a better light and in a 360°-degree way? Well, today this is possible due to drones and augmented reality helmets.

As you may know, France is a very touristic country, and several French cities have already seized this new tourist attraction with distinguished methods.


A 360 ° virtual tour

Digital transformation management gives us the opportunity to create this new concept. For example, in Lyon “StudioFly Audiovisuel”, expert for over 6 years in aerial photography, has developed a 360 ° virtual tour tool such as Google Street View but adding interactivity. StudioFly has created a system of 360 ° virtual tours by drone and on the ground, so users can interact with the environment through its interactive panoramas.

The principle of the virtual tour by drone is simple. From a multitude of aerial photos, it is possible to reconstruct a panorama that will allow the user to discover a project or a place. The user can interact with the environment himself from a computer, tablet or smartphone. This technique allows the creative studio to insert different types of media within the tour. Indeed, it is possible to add many pieces of information to the panorama such as videos, aerial photos, web pages, PDF etc…. The user can also move from one panorama to another by clicking on the interactive icon that sends it to a new place to discover. All of this technology would not exist if the digital transformation management were not as developed as it is today.

digital transformation management of tourism
360° tours

Virtual tours in 360 ° are also feasible on the ground, this is useful in many areas:

  • In real estate, to quickly discover the whole of a residence or to show the interesting places of a district.
  • Industrial, commercial or university companies wishing to have an overview of their site at 360 °.
  • The metropolis wishing to promote the city and the historic monuments by making possible a virtual discovery.
  • Or in the organization of a show or exhibition to locate exhibitors and important places in the show.


To visit while taking height

In Marseille, it’s a different approach. The company “Humans and Drones” in partnership with the tourist office, offers a tour of the city, live from the air.

From sunbeds installed on a dike of the port, tourists can discover live images filmed by a drone flying over the port and its surroundings at 90 meters above sea level. For that, you just have to put an augmented reality headset.

This Marseille Drone Tour is a 10-minute immersive flight experience, for security reasons tourists cannot drive the drone themselves but the pilot adapts the course to their request. “The only alternative if you want to have this type of experience is the helicopter, but it’s not the same fare, nor the same environmental impact, our visit is a green activity,” says Jean-Gabriel Yung, drone pilot at the origin of this innovative concept.

“What I liked was to see the port as we never see it, from above, as with architectural models,” says Nadia, a 50-year-old construction manager. Jean-Gabriel Yung surfs on a new “trend” of tourism brought to take a nice flight, according to Arino, general director of the cabinet Protourisme, for which this initiative is well “a first”.

digital transformation management of tourism
Virtual visits

Whether you are more traditional tourism or digital tourism nothing prevents you from mixing styles. On the contrary, it will allow you to have an aerial panorama and better locate you in the streets of the city to enjoy more in detail the emblematic places of your destinations.

If you enjoy traveling, check out this article to find out more about digital solutions.

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