We are ODYSSEA !

Odyssea is a digital events agency that advises you on digital transformation management.

We are a group of 5 students and because we grew up in a digital world, we understand the challenges this transformation can bring in your business. So we want to help you.

First of all, please watch our team’s video presentation:

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Individual biography of each team member:



Adrienn BALAZS, team leader:

I’m 19 years old, I am a student at Iscom and I’m the team leader of Odyssea. My strengths include creative thinking and persuasion, hence I’m gonna be able to help my team with brainstorming ideas and organizing teamwork. My creativity comes from reading a lot and being very interested in the arts.




Camille DOURNEAU, project manager

I’m 19 years old, I am a student at Iscom Paris and I’m the project manager of Odyssea Agency. Organization and time management are my strengths, so I will be able to motivate my team to respect the deadlines. My organization will allow me to pay attention to details and improve our project.




Elsa HAUDUC, webmaster

I am Elsa Hauduc, 18 years old.  I am the webmaster of Odyssea Agency. Dancer since my youngest age, I know how to stay motivated. I’m detail-focused, thereby creating an esthetical result for my team. Passionated by my communication studies, I try to give my best in order to put out a high standard work.




Yara KHATY, translator

I’m Yara, 20 years old and I am the translator of Odyssea agency. Being French and Lebanese allows me to master several languages and therefore improve the quality of this project. Persistent in my everyday life, I like to reach my goals and do my best.




Olivia PLISSON, copywriter

I’m Olivia Plisson, 18 years old. I’m the copywriter of Odyssea. I like cooking and sports like fitness and football and one of my passions is traveling in order to discover the different cultures. Being inspired by my different trips, I have an overflowing imagination. I’m a really dynamic and organized person!


For more, you can visit our school’s website to learn more about our education and qualities!